Friday, September 25, 2009

And now this

Lola is continuing to refuse foods but now she is also refusing her reflux meds. I had to increase the dose but now she doesn't want it at all. She has always taken her meds like a champ. She liked them and would actually fuss when it was gone. This makes no sense. I did finally wrap her up, mummy style, and force some in her but it was rough. You probably heard the screams from wherever you are reading this. I left a message with the GI. Ugh.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

AHHHH Not sure what else to say

Yes, its been too long since my last update. I have been pretty busy. Lola has been pretty good. Fussy with some screaming fits but I was starting to think it was just the "normal" for her. Fast forward to this week. Sunday evening Lola refused to eat her solids for dinner. Weird but okay, she had her formula and went to bed. The next day I had planned to trial potatoes for the first time. I got them all prepped, she took a bit and started screaming, refusing any more. Okay fine, she doesn't like potatoes. Tried to then give her peas, which she has always loved. Nope wouldn't touch them and screamed until she had a bottle. Here we are Thursday night and not a bite of solid foods. I have tried everything. So yesterday I call the GI doctor and speak with the nurse. She spoke with the Dr and they told me to up her reflux meds. Umm what?? I did mention she started shaking a lot more the past few days and her reflux is flaring some from being only on formula again. But to me, that's logic. More liquids, no foods, of course reflux will get worse. But that does not answer why she just stopped eating? Her reflux was totally fine when she was eating and on her regular dose of Nexium. Now I have to give her even more? So okay, I will give it a try for a few days. But I cant stop thinking and trying to figure out why? The only thing that makes any sense at this point is that she figured out food is hurting her. I honestly am at such a loss. Rewind back a bit. We took Lola off foods for 3 weeks then she had an endoscopy to look into possible EE or something similar. It came back clear. So now she has been back on foods a while, do we scope again? I would rather have it done sooner since she has stopped eating again. If there is damage to see, I want to see it, not have it be cleared up from not eating. So that's where we are. I realize I started rambling a while ago, but that's just the way my mind is racing trying to figure this out. That's it.