Monday, November 9, 2009

PH Probe Study

So we didn't end up going through with the endoscopy or biopsies(yay). We just went in for the PH Probe Study. Lola was admitted at Noon on Friday. They did the usual vitals and measured her to decide how far to insert the tube. Lola was her usual self and freaked out when anyone so much as looked her way. They actual kept bringing us into a "special room" so she would be more comfortable. Translation? She was freaking out and screaming so loud, they had to put her in a different room so she wouldn't scare the other kids! lol They inserted the tube and then we waited a bit. They did an X-Ray to make sure the tube was in the correct place. They said it was about 90% chance it would be. Sooo guess what? It wasn't. They had to go in and adjust it. Not a huge deal but of course she was crazy mad. I don't blame her. We got the tube tapped up good and then put braces on her arms so she wouldn't be able to get to the tube. She was so exhausted at that point she just slept. The night went well. As long as nurses, doctors or anyone in scrubs stayed at least 10 feet from her, she was fine. Since she is miss independent and wont let me feed her, I would take one brace off for her to eat and she left the tube alone. The actual tube has a recorder on it and a small machine on the end where I pressed buttons if she was sitting, standing, eating, sleeping or having reflux symptoms. Pretty cool actually. I brought her stroller and she really enjoyed going on walks and checking out the murals and fish tanks.
After a long night, we got up and went to the cafeteria for breakfast. Then we headed back up to the room and I was getting our things together, ready to leave in about an hour. She was snacking on her favorite, freeze dried apples when all the sudden, I hear her scream. I look over and she had ripped the tube right out. Oops. Luckily, we were close enough to the end of the test, so they just kept it out.
Of course she was thinking she should have done that a long time ago! She was thrilled to leave. Her big brother had a gift for her waiting at home. A new baby doll. She loved it. So now we just wait for results. Again, we really appreciate all the thoughts and prayers!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quick Update because I Should be Sleeping.

So we have successfully continued with corn! Yay! Good thing too because she loves it!
So tomorrow morning Lola will be having an endoscopy/biopsies. After that we will be staying at the hospital for 24 hours for a PH Probe Study. She will have a small tube through her nose, down her throat and into the esophagus. It has PH sensors and a recorder along the tube. Basically to just see if she is in fact still having reflux problems. I am dreading this and I know she will be miserable. I will update after and as always, thoughts and prayers are appreciated!