Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wrappers are No Match for Lola

I have to say that we have done pretty good with keeping food on the table, and no crumbs on the floor. But with a 3 year old, that's TOUGH, to say the least. He understands that he can not share his food, or eat anywhere but the table. He knows Lola could get sick if she got the wrong food. But I guess this is a reminder that you can't expect perfection from a 3 year old. But I also blame myself for this mistake. Noah had a bag of Valentines candy that he dumped on the living room floor to show us. I made him pick it up, but I guess I didn't check around good enough. A day later, I spotted Lola with this in her mouth. My heart sank. I was also shocked she ate right through the wrapper! Not sure why, but I was. It wasn't much but it was enough for her to react. She had her typical GI reaction but then she got a few hives. I cringe when I say the word hives. Hives are new to us, and honestly, they scare the heck out of me. She only got a few scattered on her, and didn't get worse. I can only assume it was the milk in the Kit-Kat. We have not dared trial Milk yet and I have always had a bad feeling about it. It's definitely a scary thing knowing reactions can get worse each time. I had her epi-pen ready to go that day. I am soo thankful we didn't have to use it. My son also ended up in the ER that night with pneumonia. It was a tough Mommy day, but we got through it!

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