Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Day, Another Medicine Recall

I have had a couple people ask me to post this, so here it is. This includes every children's medicine we had in our house. So scary. Any not to mention, this stuff isn't cheap. We had to get rid of about 50 bucks worth of meds. Between this and all of the daily crib recalls, I don't feel like I can trust anything anymore!

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  1. Hi i seen your blog and loved it! But i was wondering if you could help me. I have a 8 month old girl (neveya) she has had many problems since birth with vomiting and screaming fits, poor weight gain. She only weighs 12lb 13oz and hasn't gained a oz in over a month. She has every thing from a NJ tube to MANY EDg's (scopes) they have even done Botox to open the bottom of her stomach so everything would drain out faster. But none of this has worked! The dietitian told us about Fpies. It all makes falls in to place. But my problem is i need to find a Dr around the WI, MN area. My insurance wont cover for us to go to NY or Penn. Do you know of anyone in this area.

    Thank you,

    Renee O Donnell