Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lola's Allergist Apt

We went to the Allergist last Thursday and it went very well. Lola is finally catching up as far as weight goes. Height is another story. She is extremely petite. She is about to be 2 years old and she wears size 6-9 month shoes. But that's okay because she is thriving very well!
We went ahead and did some SPTs. She was tested for Orange, Strawberry, Cantaloupe, Tomato, Watermelon, Rice and Chocolate. She passed all of them!! The rice I had to fight for since she failed it once but it was barely a fail and I have a good feeling it will be fine. It will also be a huge relief since it's in soo many foods. They suggested doing an in-office challenge with the rice but I told them I felt comfortable doing it at home and she gave me her permission to do so. It's much easier with Lola at home where she is comfortable and her reactions tend to be so delayed that we would probably be home from the office if it was going to happen anyway. So we keep the Epi-pens handy and watch her like a hawk.
Now the chocolate was a great one also, but keep in mind that it can't be any milk-chocolate products. We learned that was a fail during the kit-kat bar incident.
She also had an apt with her nutritionist this week and that went well also. We are moving closer to being able to take her off of formula. She is very happy with Lola's diet at his point so we are giving her less formula but still a little each day.
We are starting with a teaspoon of rice today, so wish us luck!
So obviously Lola is doing well and things were going smoothly UNTIL, my very healthy, non-allergic kid had a allergic reaction that landed him in the ER. What?? He came home from school, started complaining his feet hurt, so I took a look at them, and they were very swollen. I couldn't find a bite or anything though. Next I take of his shirt to find his whole body is getting covered in hives. They were just appearing before my eyes. His feet,ankles and lower calves got so swollen that he couldn't even walk. I gave him benadryl and it helped the hives some but not the swelling. Brought him to the ER to confirm and it was a bad allergic reaction. It happened so fast I was soo happy to have been carrying Lola's Epi-pens just in case. Great piece of mind, and luckily it never came to that. I have no clue what he reacted to. I can't think of anything different from his everyday routine. Just hoping it was a one time thing! And of course I find out today that the Benadryl I gave him was recalled, ugh.


  1. Benadryl recalled? Can you post a link to that? Scary!
    Also, hope the rice continues to go well. I have not had my allergist mention the patch testing to me for my son....
    Also, we are doing a dairy trial in the office. I wish we could just do it at home. My Doc wants him hooked up to an IV too which I'm going to fight against. i just don't think it's necessary when my child has never had the lethargic/can't stop throwing up reactions. However, he's never in his life ingested milk, so we'll see!

  2. Just posted it Meredith! Those tests are just Skin Prick Tests since Lola also has IgE allergies. I have to say that I would only do dairy in office/hospital with IV. The rice was barely a positive last time and passed this time, so I felt comfortable doing it at home. My husband is also a Paramedic, so that helps. And Lola is a very very tough stick for IVs, so it always takes them a long time to get it. Things can get very bad very quickly. I think it's better that your doctor takes it seriously enough to do that, since there are so many that don't. When is the trial? I hope it goes well! Rice is so far so good here!