Friday, November 5, 2010

The Good News and the Bad News.

The good news is that Lola's colonoscopy went well(aside from the usual iv trauma lasting about an hour) and everything came back normal. The bad news is that we got no answers and she is having a rough time again. We ruled out some other possible problems so we are back to our FPIES diagnosis and her just having a delayed reaction.
We are having to take some big steps back and that's always hard to do. We haven't tried an "new" foods and she is having regular reactions to something. Not only that but they are delayed reactions, so that makes it even more difficult to pinpoint the offending food. We are back to charting every food/drink intake as well as the lovely, I will say, diaper chart and regular stool studies.
We are also going forward with the Atopy Patch Testing. We will be scheduling that next week. At least it's a non-invasive test for once. I am hoping she has a better day tomorrow than today and a better week than last. She is a trooper though, she really is.

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